Interpretation Centre of Priolo
The Interpretation Centre of Priolo was developed by SPEA in partnership with SRAM (Regional Secretariat of Environment and Sea) and DRRF (Regional Direction of Forestry Resources) during LIFE Priolo Project. Its mission is to raise awareness for the “Priolo” and its habitat, the Laurel Forest. “Priolo” is one of most threatened birds in Europe, existing only in the east part of the Island of São Miguel, where several actions to preserve and guarantee its survival have been carried, since 2003.

Today, the project LIFE + Lands of Priolo is being developed with a set of actions that aim to promote the sustainability of the management of the 2000 Nature site SPA Pico da Vara / Ribeira do Guilherme, through the implementation of inovative management measures and restore the Laurel forest of Azores, monitoring of biodiversity, management of public use, raise awareness of populations and promote its long term sustainability all together.

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Lands of Priolo visited by bloggers
The Lands of Priolo ( municipalities of Nordeste and Povoação) have welcomed in the last few years many tourists, that include some bloggers, such as Petra Paul.
Interpretation Centre of Priolo acessible for all
The Interpretation Centre of is one of the accessible for all visitation strutures of Azores.
LIFE + welcomes members of "Partners for the New Economy"
In the past 24th of march, the project LIFE + Lands of Priolo welcomed some of the members of "Partners for a New Economy" that were gathered in Furnas last week.